Clorox Fraganzia 香熏洗滌晶體,熏衣草| Pinkoi 薰衣草香氣中的洗衣清新劑小珠,可帶來新鮮,乾淨,香氣十足的衣服 (美國平行進口)

iPro Healthcare@4月23日

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-給您的洗衣增加額外的好處-Clorox Fraganzia洗衣水晶會留下衣服,毛巾和床單新鮮,乾淨的氣味。這意味著您可以在下次洗衣服之前穿上多餘的T卹

-GIVE YOUR NEXT LOAD OF LAUNDRY THAT EXTRA BOOST - Clorox Fraganzia Laundry Crystals will leave your clothing, towels, and sheets smelling fresh and clean. This means you can get those extra t-shirt wears in before your next load of laundry
-SAFE FOR ALL COLORS AND FABRICS - Don't fear! Laundry scent boosters are safe on all colors and fabrics, making it the perfect enhancer for both your crisp white towels and work pants
-FRESH-SMELLING LAUNDRY HAS NEVER BEEN SO EASY - To use these fabric freshener crystals, simply toss them directly into your washing machine before loading laundry. You can decide if you'd like just a touch of added fragrance, or a long-lasting fresh scent
-AN IRRESISTIBLE LAVENDER SCENT THAT'LL TURN HEADS - Don't be surprised when curious co-workers or friends ask about your new signature scent. Your clean clothes will transport you, and those around you, to soothing lavender fields

Why shouldn't clean smell beautiful? The unique scents of Clorox Fraganzia enhance your home and complement their tough deodorizing capabilities. The nature-inspired scents such as Spring, Island Orchid and Lavender are incredibly long-lasting and exude freshness. These new Clorox Fraganzia Scent Boosting Laundry Crystals give your laundry that long-lasting clean floral scent that will take you from that first post-laundry wear to your third. Clorox Fraganzia Scent Boosting In-Wash Laundry Crystals will help make laundry day a bit more enjoyable. Open your dryer to the delightfully soothing scent of lavender every time you do the laundry with these freshener crystals. The scent booster laundry crystals are safe for all colors and fabrics, and are incredibly easy to use, making them the perfect addition to your laundry routine. Simply pour crystals directly into your washing machine before loading your laundry. Use the convenient cap to pour a little for a touch of added fragrance, or a lot of crystals for a scent that lasts. Do not put crystals in your liquid fabric softener dispenser or in your dryer. Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Do not ingest. If swallowed, drink a glass of water. Do not induce vomiting.

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商家: iPro Healthcare

iPro Healthcare:2020年2月,香港疫情爆發,iPro Healthcare 借用歐洲buyer的網絡及美國家人的建築公司,大量搜購英美防疫用品。初階段引入美國平行進口的 Dial 殺菌洗手液, Babygaincs 嬰兒殺菌系列,Kleenex 抗病毒紙巾,3M 防疫面罩,Medicom 口罩,Clorox漂白丸,美國醫院第一品牌 Purell 洗水搓手液 ,日本獅王殺菌系列,英國Dettol 不傷衣服衣物噴霧等等。銷售於數月內突破7位數字,一度令iPro Buyer 大部分業務停下來。直至歐美疫情爆發,運輸停頓,日用品限售,iPro Healthcare 隨即聯絡中國剛復工的嬰兒用品廠,引入了嬰兒兒童防疫帽及面罩及目前銷售高企的口罩收納套。i