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品牌: Purell
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Purell 在內華達州拉斯維加斯的國際衛生服務協會(ISSA)貿易展覽會上宣布,採用CLEAN RELEASE™技術的PURELL®品牌HEALTHYSOAP®的推出。新的突破性CLEAN RELEASE™技術通過其新穎的表面活性劑系統提高了肥皂的性能,該表面活性劑體係比普通肥皂更深入皮膚的裂縫和縫隙,可輕柔地去除更多的污垢和細菌。新配方的肥皂適合乾性和敏感性皮膚,也沒有引起嚴重皮膚刺激的最常見原因。

“苛刻的防腐劑和抗菌成分是嚴重刺激皮膚的主要原因,”專門從事職業和接觸性皮炎的董事會認證皮膚科醫生Matthew Zirwas博士說。 “我每週都會看到患者因這些刺激物而嚴重受損的皮膚。不含這些成分,並且仍然是用於關鍵環境(如醫療保健,食品服務,教育和辦公大樓)的高性能產品,這是一個真正的突破。”
CLEAN RELEASE™技術肥皂不含刺激性的防腐劑,抗菌成分,對羥基苯甲酸酯和鄰苯二甲酸鹽。

Purell 首席科學官Srini Venkatesh說:“我們的Purell 科學家為溫和性,洗滌體驗和產品性能設定了新的標準。” “憑藉我們多年的經驗以及與Zirwas博士的合作,我們開發了一種突破性配方,非常溫和,不含刺激性的防腐劑或抗菌成分,去除了超過99%的污垢和細菌,並擁有值得信賴的PURELL®品牌。與普通肥皂相比,這些肥皂還可以清除污垢和餐飲服務污垢超過30%。 Purell 通過不懈地追求世界一流的配方,工程和設計來解決人類實際問題,從而成為皮膚和表面衛生解決方案的市場領導者。”
採用CLEAR RELEASE技術的HEALTHY SOAP是PURELL SOLUTION™的一部分,它包括PURELL®洗手液,PURELL®品牌的HEALTHYSOAP®產品,PURELL®洗手液,PURELL®表面消毒劑和PURELL ES8分配系統。這些產品經過科學配製,可以無權權衡保護,因此設施管理人員無需在提供有效的產品和人們對使用感到滿意的產品之間進行選擇。

Purell announced at the International Sanitary Services Association (ISSA) Trade Show in Las Vegas, NV, the introduction of PURELL® brand HEALTHY SOAP® with CLEAN RELEASE™ Technology. The new breakthrough CLEAN RELEASE™ Technology boosts soap performance with its novel surfactant system that reaches deeper into skin’s cracks and crevices to gently remove more dirt and germs than regular soap. Formulated for dry and sensitive skin, the new soaps are also free of the most common causes of severe skin irritation.

“Harsh preservatives and antibacterial ingredients are the leading cause of severe skin irritation,” said Dr. Matthew Zirwas, board-certified dermatologist specializing in occupational and contact dermatitis. “I see patients every week with severely damaged skin caused by these irritants. It is a true breakthrough for a soap to be free of these ingredients and still be a high performing product for critical settings, such as healthcare, foodservice, education and office buildings.”
CLEAN RELEASE™ Technology soaps are free of harsh preservatives, antibacterial ingredients, parabens and phthalates. The new soaps are the greenest GOJO soap formulations, with 90 percent biobased content far exceeding the 64 percent standard for biobased handwashes. They rinse faster and cleaner, saving an estimated 6 gallons per refill compared to regular soap.

“Our Purell scientists have set a new standard for mildness, wash experience and product performance,” said GOJO Chief Science Officer Srini Venkatesh. “With our years of experience and our collaboration with Dr. Zirwas, we developed a breakthrough formulation that is remarkably mild, contains no harsh preservatives or antibacterial ingredients, removes over 99 percent of dirt and germs and carries the trusted PURELL® brand name. These soaps also remove dirt and foodservice soils more than 30 percent better than regular soap. GOJO is a market leader in hygiene solutions for skin and surfaces through a relentless pursuit for world-class formulations, engineering and design to solve real human problems.”
HEALTHY SOAP with CLEAN RELEASE Technology is part of the PURELL SOLUTION™, which includes PURELL® Hand Sanitizer, PURELL® Brand HEALTHY SOAP® products, PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes, PURELL® Surface Disinfectant, and PURELL ES8 Dispensing Systems. These products are scientifically formulated for no-trade-off protection, so facility managers never have to choose between providing products that are effective and products people feel great about using.

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