Blue Monday?綠茵閣「大夥兒吃盡城中夜市」自助晚餐為您炮製一系列在家煮不到的巨型佳餚,包括巨型西班牙海鮮飯、特長威靈頓牛柳及大籠蒸龍躉 (只限星期五至日及公眾假期供應)等,為你打打氣!


Blue Monday?
綠茵閣「大夥兒吃盡城中夜市」自助晚餐為您炮製一系列在家煮不到的巨型佳餚,包括巨型西班牙海鮮飯、特長威靈頓牛柳及大籠蒸龍躉 (只限星期五至日及公眾假期供應)等,為你打打氣!

Cure your Monday Blues with an array of gourmet food and delicacies from“Mega Fun! Mega Share!” Dinner Buffet. Featuring a series of big-sized dishes that cannot be easily made at home such as Giant Paella, Extra-long Beef Wellington and Giant Garoupa in Giant Steamer (only available from Fri to Sun & Public Holidays). Book now!

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