【RAPL情人節限定蘋果批】 日本人氣甜點RAPL推出情人節限定口味—朱古力吉士醬蘋果批!採用北海道牛油製成嘅鬆脆酥皮,內含特製的香濃朱古力吉士醬,再搭配新鮮蘋果粒!供應期由即日起,崇光獨家發售,即刻嚟崇光銅鑼灣嘅RAPL專櫃試下啦! 【RAPL Valentine’s Day Special Apple Pie】

SOGO 崇光百貨@2月9日

【RAPL Valentine’s Day Special Apple Pie】
Your all-time-favorite Japanese Dessert… 更多 RAPL presents its Valentine's Day Limited Chocolate Custard Cream Apple Pie! Puff pastry made with Hokkaido butter is stuffed with rich chocolate custard and juicy diced apples! This special pie is only available exclusively in SOGO from now until 14/2! Come to the RAPL counter on B2/F SOGO Causeway Bay Store and try it out!
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