【LEGION】多人V.S.單人 每個遊戲模式都令人樂而忘返,你又鐘意邊種模式? ?多人遊戲模式要求團隊合作精神,同戰友一齊制定策略對抗敵人!


【LEGION】多人V.S.單人 每個遊戲模式都令人樂而忘返,你又鐘意邊種模式? ?多人遊戲模式要求團隊合作精神,同戰友一齊制定策略對抗敵人! ?單人遊戲模式需要玩家嘅膽量同智慧,靠自己專業嘅技術同力量喺戰場上獨當一面! 無論係邊種打機模式,LEGION都會陪大家進入刺激嘅遊戲世界,體驗前所未有嘅快感! … 更多 了解更多LEGION產品: https://lnv.gy/2vfbIwB 【LEGION】 Multi Player V.S. Single player What is your ideal gaming preference among these two amazing modes? ?Multi player mode requires team work to defeat enemies by setting up strategies with teammates. ?Single player mode needs to be adventurous and clever to show your technique and power on the battlefield. Enjoy the best excitement with LEGION in the gaming world no matter which game mode you prefer! Learn more about LEGION products: https://lnv.gy/2Zrj4v8 #LenovoHK #LEGION #Stylishoutside #Savageinside #多人VS單人 #你又鐘意邊種

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