【SOGO Rewards會員日開催!】 / 【日籍師傅主理日系糕點精品咖啡館】 / 【崇光銅鑼灣店SOGO CLUB請您睇好戲】 / 【戴口罩耳仔痛?換購護耳神器!】

SOGO 崇光百貨@9月16日

【SOGO Rewards會員日開催!】
SOGO Rewards會員日由即日起至6/10,為大家準備咗數之不盡嘅會員優惠!
活動期間,SOGO Rewards會員於崇光銅鑼灣店、尖沙咀店或崇光網店購物,即可獲享2X積分,於指定品牌消費最高更可享35X積分。超過500個品牌都有獨家貨品、折扣優惠同購物禮遇等緊大家,即刻出動啦!
立即下載應用程式成為SOGO Rewards會員,以積分兌換獎賞:bit.ly/hSr19k
【SOGO Rewards Days Has Begun!】
SOGO Rewards Days has prepared a full range of members-only offers for you from now until 6/10!
Earn 2X Points upon any purchase at SOGO Causeway Bay Store, Tsim Sha Tsui Store, or SOGO eStore! Upon purchasing items at selected brands, members can even earn up to 35X Points, with over 500 brands which provide exclusive items, offers or shopping rewards! Get over here now!
Event Details: bit.ly/2H7io9x
SOGO eStore: bit.ly/3hAmvYi
Download SOGO Rewards APP NOW & redeem Rewards with Points: bit.ly/hSr19k
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唔使去日本都可以享受到日籍師傅主理嘅日式甜點同咖啡!Café Life定期推出日本當造水果蛋糕及甜品,由咖啡、糕點到各款輕食都盡量採用日本新鮮原料,務求將日本職人精神帶俾大家。
由即日起至30/9期間,凡於崇光銅鑼灣店B2/F Café Life專櫃購物滿$200,更可獲贈原個蛋糕9折優惠券1張。
【Japanese Chef Presents J-style Pastries and Gourmet Coffee】
Now you can enjoy Japanese-style pastries and coffee made by Japanese chef even in Hong Kong! Café Life Patisserie & Café brings to you fruit cakes, pastries, light meals and coffee made with mostly ingredients from Japan.
From now until 30/9, for any purchases of $200 at B2/F SOGO Causeway Bay Store Café Life counter, customers can even receive a 10% coupon for a whole cake.
#sogohongkong #sogo35 #cafelifehk

【崇光銅鑼灣店SOGO CLUB請您睇好戲】
由即日起至22/9期間,喺崇光銅鑼灣店SOGO CLUB 11/F、14/F至15/F指定專櫃*即日累積購物滿$2,800(SOGO Rewards會員即日累積購物滿$1,800),憑2張唔同專櫃嘅即日發票,即可於SOGO CLUB 11/F會所禮賓處免費換領《聖荷西謀殺案》電影換票證2張!
*SOGO CLUB 11/F ASAHIYA BOOKSTORE、Hallmark、14/F及15/F美妍中心專櫃(SHISEIDO推廣專櫃除外)。
-SOGO Rewards會員須出示會員卡手機頁面及印有其相符會員號碼之發票正本,方可享指定優惠。
【Get FREE Movie Tickets at SOGO CLUB SOGO Causeway Bay Store】
Adapted from its namesake, a renowned play, "Fatal Visit" introduces to you a world where you have to constantly watch your back. If the three people in the same room all have reasons to kill each other, how can they escape the bloody fate ahead of them?
From now until 22/9, upon any same-day accumulated purchase of $2,800 ($1,800 for SOGO Rewards members) at 2 different designated counters* at SOGO CLUB 11/F, 14/F & 15/F, customers will be entitled to receive 2 “Fatal Visit” movie redemption tickets at the SOGO CLUB Concierge on SOGO CLUB 11/F!
*Designated counters include SOGO CLUB 11/F ASAHIYA BOOKSTORE, HALLMARK, and SOGO Beauty Centre on SOGO CLUB 14/F & 15/F (except the SHISEIDO counter).
-Limited quotas per day, available while stocks last.
-SOGO Rewards members should present the card's interface on mobile app and the original sales memo with the corresponding membership no. to enjoy the designated privileges.
#sogohongkong #sogo35 #sogoclub

由即日起至6/10期間,SOGO Rewards會員凡喺崇光銅鑼灣店6/F男女裝鞋履及精品部購物,即可以優惠價$20換購真皮口罩帶1條,仲有多個款式同顏色可以揀,為您嘅抗疫日常加入小色彩啦!
【Ear Irritation Due to Face Masks? Redeem An Ear Protector!】...

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