【360 FILA Sports Fest 三大互動運動遊戲等你挑戰💪!】


【360 FILA Sports Fest 三大互動運動遊戲等你挑戰💪!】
熱愛戶外活動的你,豈能錯過昂坪360和FILA首次跨界別攜手合作的360 FILA Sports Fest?!今次活動設有三大互動運動挑戰, 包括「巨型保齡球陣」、「考反應劍擊賽」及「360極速單車」有獎遊戲,每個遊戲考驗不同運動神經,刺激好玩,更有機會贏得限量NP360·FILA禮品,總值超過港幣$500萬!
現於昂坪360官方網頁購買「360 FILA PASS」,更享官網獨家9折優惠,以$348盡享高達$1,800玩樂獎賞,更可獨家乘坐FILA全球代言人BTS主題纜車車廂!馬上購票,相約好友一同釋放運動潛能、鬥Fit鬥型吧!>>> bit.ly/2G4Pjeo
360 FILA Sports Fest
推廣生意的競賽牌照號碼: 053687
【360 FILA Sports Fest - Are you up for the challenges ?】
If you have a liking of a tanned complexion and want to sweat it out, here comes the perfect event for you - 360 FILA Sports Fest! As a maiden collaboration by Ngong Ping 360 and FILA, this massive campaign features 3 sport challenges including “Giant Bowling Match”, “Reaction Fencing” and “Speed Cycling”. Take up the challenges to win amazing prizes and the limited-edition 360 FILA souvenirs valued at a whopping HK$5 million dollars!
10%-off early-bird discount for 360 FILA Pass is now exclusively available at Ngong Ping 360 official website. You can also enjoy a batch of activities valued at $1,800 for just $348 and have the chance of traveling the BTS-themed cable car cabin on your own! Buy tickets now and unleash your energy and: bit.ly/33Q6Oaq
360 FILA Sports Fest
Event date:25 Sept - 15 Nov 2020
Time: 10 am - 6pm
Venue:Ngong Ping Village, 111 Ngong Ping Road, Lantau Island
Trade Promotion Competition Licence Number: 053687
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