【SOGO LIVE 新季時裝潮流精讀 | 限時優惠大放送!】 / 【功能背包完美收納法】

SOGO 崇光百貨@9月26日

【SOGO LIVE 新季時裝潮流精讀 | 限時優惠大放送!】
立即Click入嚟收睇我哋嘅《新季時裝潮流精讀》,同一時間崇光銅鑼灣店戶外CVISION LED螢幕亦首次同步直播!9月26日我哋將會聯乘人氣國際品牌KENZO、PLEATS PLEASE ISSEY MIYAKE同LONGCHAMP,由時裝達人及造型師同您分享秋冬必備單品同示範最潮嘅Mix and Match技巧,當然唔少得限時優惠喇!直播期間仲會不定時出現禮物Icon,即時Screencap截圖,喺6/10或之前,嚟崇光銅鑼灣店指定品牌專櫃,出示有Icon嘅直播畫面截圖,就有機會換走限量精美禮物!數量有限,送完即止,
【SOGO Live - Latest Fashion Trends Showcase | Exclusive Offers Reveal!】
Join our livestream “Latest Fashion Trends Showcase” now! This livestream session will be broadcasted on CVISION, the outdoor LED TV at SOGO Causeway Bay store for the very first time! Today, we’ll crossover with international brands - KENZO, PLEATS PLEASE, ISSEY MIYAKE and LONGCHAMP, featuring fashionistas and stylists who’ll share Fall/Winter must-have items and demonstrate the hottest mix-and-match ideas! During the livestream, a special gift icon will appear spontaneously. Screencap the video when you see the icon and show the screencap to staff at designated counters in SOGO Causeway Bay store on or before 6/10 for a chance to bring home a small gift, while stock lasts! Don’t miss out!
-Terms and conditions apply.
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【Functional Backpack Packing Hack】
Having loads to pack every day before leaving the door, how to perfect your packing situation? Founded in France, MUB transforms your daily routine with its functional backpack, designed with multiple compartments that redefine the definition of functionality. Suited for work, sports and travel, this backpack takes care of your every need.
MUB has now opened on 5/F SOGO Causeway Bay Store. From now until 30/9, receive a complimentary MUB cardholder (worth $450) upon any purchase of $1,500.
-Gift is available while stocks last.
-Terms and conditions apply.
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