【Happy Tuesday 手調飲品優惠 $20/杯 】(只限29/9)

Starbucks 星巴克@9月28日

【盡享香港星巴克20週年驚喜 - Happy Tuesday 手調飲品優惠 】
把握9月最後的Happy Tuesday﹗9月29日以$20 享有中杯裝豆奶芝麻咖啡、特濃咖啡鮮奶、特濃咖啡鮮奶抹茶或熱情芒果二重奏星冰樂® 。
【Indulge yourself with our 20th Anniversary - Happy Tuesday Offer】
Embrace the last Happy Tuesday in September for more delights!
Enjoy the tall-sized Soymilk Sesame Latte, Matcha & Espresso Fusion, Latte Macchiato or Mango Passion Fruit Frappuccino® with Mango Jelly at $20 on 29 September.
T&Cs apply. bit.ly/3i6H8Mx