【Click to Pay令網店支付更安全快捷!】


【Click to Pay令網店支付更安全快捷!】
銀聯新推出嘅 Click to Pay正正解決商戶同消費者嘅難題!商戶接入Click to Pay系統後,消費者click一click☝🏻就可以畀錢,唔洗多次輸入密碼。Click to Pay嘅「支付標記化技術」,令商戶無需再處理消費者嘅信用卡資料,大大降低資料洩露嘅風險。
想瞭解多啲關於Click to Pay,請連絡您的收單機構。
Online shopping is a growing trend with more companies and start-ups moving their businesses online. Online shopping is about quality, speed and safety for consumers📱, however, setting up a safe security system 📱 can be a pricey investment. With UnionPay’s newly-launched Click to Pay, we make life easier for both merchants and consumers. Merchants can install the Click to Pay payment system enabling customers to pay with just one click☝🏻 and without the need for multiple passwords. Click to Pay also adopts “Payment Tokenization”, so no credit card information from customers will be recorded, ensuring greater data protection.
Please contact your acquirer to know more about Click to Pay.
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