【360 FILA Sports Fest贏走限量NP360•FILA禮品🎁】


【360 FILA Sports Fest贏走限量NP360•FILA禮品🎁】
❗號外❗早前向大家介紹過360 FILA Pass禮品包後,已令不少FILA Fans心動!除此之外,參與360 FILA Sports Fest 三項互動運動賽事,再免費送你限定NP360•FILA禮品!
「360 FILA Pass」持卡人可獲「互動運動挑戰」遊戲卡2張,可憑遊戲卡玩盡三大互動有獎遊戲,挑戰金牌印章,即可於場內指定攪珠機抽出NP360•FILA禮品!3萬份豐富獎品包括NP360•FILA運動水樽、FILA腰包及NP360•FILA涼感毛巾等,總值逾港幣$500萬!
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360 FILA Sports Fest
【Join the 360 FILA Sports Fest to win the limited-edition NP360•FILA Souvenirs】
The introduction of FILA Pass sport accessories kit has already set the heart of many FILA fans fluttering. More boons equally appealing are waiting for you! Join the three interactive races of 360 FILA Sports Fest and you will be rewarded with complimentary NP360•FILA souvenirs.
360 FILA Pass holders are entitled 2 “360 FILA SPORTS FEST Game Card”. With the game card, you can play all three interactive games and have a chance to win a gold medal stamp. Winners of two gold medals can enter the NP360.FILA Fantasy Lucky Draw to get a chance to bag a wide range of NP360•FILA souvenirs including sports water bottles, cooling towels and waist belts - together over 30,000 items valued at 5 million dollars !
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360 FILA Sports Fest
Event date:25 Sept - 15 Nov 2020
Time: 10 am - 6pm
Venue:Ngong Ping Village, 111 Ngong Ping Road, Lantau Island
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