We're proud to call KALE our restaurant partner. 🙌⁣ / When meatless means yummy. 😋


We're proud to call KALE our restaurant partner. 🙌⁣
Everyone's idea of eating healthy is different, that's why KALE came up with the “flexitarian” menu - 80% of their dishes are plant-based. ⁣
The real beauty of it? You can to mix and match from pretty each section of the menu. ⁣
Check out our favourite combos:⁣
🍔 Falafel sliders with sweet potato fries ⁣
🥗 Tofu avocado with mixed salad⁣
🌯 Chia Bite Wrap ⁣
🥑 Sunny-side up Avocado with Turmeric Caulirice⁣
Whatever combo you end up building, you canget ⁣
FREE* delivery with code: PLANTPOWER.⁣
KALE 自家「素」造美味!⁣
堅持取之自然用於自然宗旨嘅KALE,一直自豪為大家提供最具彈性嘅素食餐單!有超過8成菜式都係plant-based,包括沙律、小食、迷你漢堡、果汁飲品及熱盤等,俾你隨心mix & match自己嘅午餐或晚餐組合,為自己打造至啱口味嘅plant-based餐單!⁣
🌱自選純素 |、不含麩質迷你漢堡套餐⁣
🌯奇亞籽風味捲餅 - 包括紅菜頭奇亞籽球、牛油果、青瓜、腰果醬、羽衣甘藍及沙律菜,啖啖健康純素滋味!⁣
Order now on www.foodpanda.hk⁣
*Valid on orders of $100 (excl. delivery fee) and above until 30 November. While stocks last.⁣

When meatless means yummy. 😋
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