【TEMPUR 話你知 : 冬天越近,瞓得越耐?】


【TEMPUR 話你知 : 冬天越近,瞓得越耐?】
有冇發覺最近成日賴床,淨係想喺床上面瞓覺? 原來除咗因為溫度,光線都會影響人體嘅晝夜節律 (Circadian Rhythm)!當環境越暗,大腦就會收到準備瞓覺嘅訊號,促使身體產生褪黑激素,產生睡意。而冬天嘅日照時間較短,大腦較少機會日光照射,更易發出瞓覺訊號,自然令我哋更想瞓覺喇 !
冬天想瞓覺係自然不過,但要瞓得好啲,當然要搵張護脊得嚟,又可以帶走身體壓力嘅床褥!亞洲特別版護脊硬床 ONE By TEMPUR (Firm) ,按亞洲人體型設計、採用獨家專利慢回彈物料,連 NASA 都力證可令身體放鬆*!而家前往 TEMPUR 百貨專櫃選購仲可享期間限定優惠,立即搵我哋嘅專業睡眠顧問幫你揀返最啱身嘅床褥,日日瞓醒都好似做完按摩咁舒服!
資料來源 : Patient.info
*TEMPUR® 床褥及枕具獨有美國太空總署 NASA 認可,並獲美國太空基金會(US Space Foundation)許可使用技術認證印章。
【TEMPUR tells you: The colder the weather, the more we want to sleep?】
Have you noticed that it's getting harder and harder to leave your bed in the morning recently? It turns out that in addition to temperature, the level of light around us will affect the Circadian Rhythm of the human body! When the environment gets darker, the brain will receive signals to prepare to sleep, prompting the body to produce melatonin and cause drowsiness. During winter, as daylight is shorter, your body is less likely to be exposed to the sun, that's why it is easier to send out sleep signals, which naturally makes us want to be in bed for longer!
With winter being the perfect sleep season, it is crucial to make sure you sleep well! A mattress that protects your spine, and helps you release your stress is key! The Asia specific ONE By TEMPUR (Firm) is designed according to the Asian body shape and produced using an exclusive patented visco-elastic material, with NASA certified relaxation properties*! Come over to our TEMPUR department store counters and enjoy a limited time offer. Ask our professional sleep consultants to help you find the most comfortable bedding, and get ready for a comfortable massage every day.
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Source: Patient.info
*TEMPUR mattress and pillows are the ONLY mattress and pillow recognized by NASA and certified by The Space Foundation

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