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SOGO 崇光百貨@2020年12月11日

【SOGO快閃聖誕「折」LIVE | 聽日現場直播!】
我哋精選咗多款廚房家電、個人護理產品、床品、按摩產品至戶外用品,一共15個人氣品牌,低至2折優惠大放送!直播中介紹嘅優惠貨品,將會喺崇光銅鑼灣店9/F、10/F,以及崇光網店同步發售。記得留意以下直播時間,約定您哋聽日準時SOGO Facebook見!
日期:12/12 (周六)
【SOGO Christmas Flash Sale LIVE | Going Live Tomorrow!】
To share more Christmas joy with you, SOGO will hold a Christmas flash sale live tomorrow!
We have selected a variety of kitchen appliances, personal care products, bedding products, massage products to outdoor accessories, from 15 popular brands, to offer you up to 80% discount! The featured items in the live-streaming session will be on sale at 9/F & 10/F SOGO Causeway Bay Store and SOGO eStore. Mark down the schedule, and see you tomorrow on SOGO Facebook here!
Date: 12/12 (Sat)
Time: 4pm
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【ANNA SUI淡雅花果香演繹女性嫵媚】
一陣清新香氣,帶您飛越天際,迷失於璀璨神奇嘅天空之城。ANNA SUI全新Sky淡香水,兼備花香與果香嘅柔和淡雅,將鍍金籠同搖籃融合化身成香水瓶,為您嘅香水珍藏增添多一份甜美感覺。ANNA SUI全新Sky淡香水現正於崇光銅鑼灣店3/F及尖沙咀店B1/F獨家發售。
【Flaunt Your Femininity with ANNA SUI Floral Fruity Gourmand Fragrance 】
An airy effervescence transports your senses to a sparkling magical kingdom in the sky. The all-new ANNA SUI SKY embodies the gourmand fragrance of flowers and fruits, where the bottle features a delicate gold metal gilded cage and basket, sprinkling sweetness onto your collection of fragrance. The all-new ANNA SUI SKY is now exclusively available at SOGO Causeway Bay Store 3/F and Tsim Sha Tsui Store B1/F.
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【#SOGOWeeklyNews 本周推介】
今個星期崇光銅鑼灣店繼續有精彩優惠帶俾大家!由即日起至14/12,國際品牌女士服飾展喺SOGO CLUB 16/F,為您帶嚟精選貨品低至1折,而21/F崇光宴會廳就有冬日戶外及運動服裝展,精選貨品低至2折!
另外,喺崇光尖沙咀店B1/F CANVAS專櫃,聖誕限定玫瑰全效保濕套裝(價值$1,370),全方位緊緻滋潤肌膚,而家可以以優惠價$795帶走!
【#SOGOWeeklyNews This Week's Special】
More special offers are waiting for you at SOGO Causeway Bay Store this week! From now till 14/12, Ladies' Fashion Bazaar Sale is held at SOGO Club 16/F, bringing you selected items up to 90% off; you can also find the Outdoor Sportswear Winter Fair at SOGO Ballroom 21/F, where selected items are up to 80% off!
In addition, the CANVAS counter at SOGO Tsim Sha Tsui Store B1/F has launched its Christmas Limited Rose Otto Hydrating Set (worth $1,370), which aims to tighten and moisturize your skin comprehensively. The set is now selling at $795!
Click on the images below and check out our other surprise shopping offers!
SOGO Causeway Bay Store: bit.ly/39wJP8W
SOGO Tsim Sha Tsui Store: bit.ly/3mtVetF
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【Christmas Wish幸運遊戲】
您今年嘅聖誕願望係收到咩禮物?等崇光幫您實現啦!由即日起至27/12期間,SOGO Rewards會員凡喺崇光銅鑼灣店4/F運動用品部或5/F男士服裝部即日累積購物滿$1,500(最多2張發票),即可參加Christmas Wish幸運遊戲一次,有過千份豐富禮品等您嚟拎!快啲嚟Join啦!
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【SOGO快閃聖誕「折」LIVE | 直播中!】
即刻Click入嚟收睇SOGO快閃聖誕「折」嘅LIVE!12月11日我哋特別搜羅咗15個人氣品牌,當中包括廚房家電、個人護理產品、床品、按摩產品至戶外用品,精選貨品低至2折優惠!直播期間出現嘅優惠貨品,將會由即日起至20/12期間,喺崇光銅鑼灣店9/F、10/F同崇光網店同步發售!Shopping之前,記得登記成為SOGO Rewards會員,可以憑消費儲積分換領崇光電子購物禮券!快啲Join我哋嘅LIVE啦!
【SOGO Christmas Flash Sale LIVE | It is Happening Right Now!】
Click here to watch SOGO Christmas Flash Sale LIVE! We have selected 15 popular brands, including kitchen appliances, personal care products, bedding products, massage products and outdoor accessories, with selected items up to 80% off! The items featured in the live-streaming will be on sale at 9/F & 10/F SOGO Causeway Bay Store and SOGO eStore from now till 20/12! Before you shop, remember to register as a SOGO Rewards member, so you can redeem vouchers by collecting reward points with your purchases! Join our LIVE now!
Christmas Flash Sale @ SOGO eStore: bit.ly/3gzhjEW
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