【TEMPUR 小貼士 : 創造北歐風家居,今個冬季瞓好啲!】


【TEMPUR 小貼士 : 創造北歐風家居,今個冬季瞓好啲!】
屋企,係用嚟放鬆嘅地方。趁住今個聖誕留喺屋企 homecation ,不如試吓北歐風家居,為屋企注入北歐獨有嘅 Hygge 氣息,營造放鬆感覺,提升睡眠質素!
? Less is More
Less is More 係北歐風格嘅核心價值!無論家具定家品,一律以實用性行先;形狀線條以簡約俐落為標準,去除不必要雜質,鼓勵用家以生活為重心!造型簡單嘅吊燈同梳化、印有幾何圖紋嘅抱枕、窗簾、地毯等都係唔錯嘅選擇!
? 選材自然
想喺屋企放鬆,除咗試吓北歐風,當然唔少得同樣來自北歐丹麥嘅 TEMPUR 床品,獨家專利物料,連 NASA 都力證其放鬆功效*!快啲去 TEMPUR 專門店,搵我哋嘅專業睡眠顧問幫手揀返至啱身嘅床品喇!
*TEMPUR® 床褥及枕具獨有美國太空總署 NASA 認可,並獲美國太空基金會(US Space Foundation)許可使用技術認證印章。
【TEMPUR Tips: A nordic style home, an even more cozy winter!】
Home is where we are most at ease and relaxed, take advantage of a Christmas homecation this year, and transform your place into a nordic experience. Inject a unique bit of Hygge, and create a relaxing environment perfect for sleep!
? Less is More
Less is more is the core value of a nordic style! Practicality comes first, with simple shapes and clean lines as a foundation, removing any distractions, and encouraging us to focus on life itself! Simple lighting and sofas, pillows with geometric patterns, curtains, carpets, are all good choices!
? Natural materials
The selection of natural materials can add warmth to a nordic style home. The natural wooden textures together with nordic plants such as ceriman, snake plant, or succulent plants are great for bringing nature into the house, helping you to relax!
If you want to relax in the house, apart from trying a nordic style, you can't go wrong with a few TEMPUR pieces from Denmark, with our exclusive patented visco-elastic materials, proven by NASA for its relaxing effects*! Come down to our TEMPUR Gallery and ask our professional sleep consultants to help you pick the right bedding for you!
*TEMPUR mattress and pillows are the ONLY mattress and pillow recognized by NASA and certified by The Space Foundation

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