【LeSportsac X 芝麻街首推限量聯乘袋款】

SOGO 崇光百貨@2020年12月24日

【LeSportsac X 芝麻街首推限量聯乘袋款】
LeSportsac首度同芝麻街限量聯乘系列,斜孭袋、背包、手提袋等全部都印上為人熟識嘅人氣角色圖案,而家喺崇光銅鑼灣店6/F LeSportsac專櫃發售,精選貨品亦喺崇光網店有賣!
【LeSportsac X Sesame Street Limited Edition Bags】
Your childhood friends from Sesame Street will have a surprise for you this Christmas!
For the first time ever, LeSportsac is crossing over with Sesame Street, where you can find your favorite characters printed on crossbody bags, backpack, handbags and more! The series is now available at SOGO Causeway Bay Store 6/F LeSportsac counter, and you can also find selected items on SOGO eStore!
LeSportsac @ SOGO eStore: bit.ly/3rhzfc3
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