【eShop預訂免加一及茗茶】#中環國金軒 二人餐

Mira Dining@1月6日

【eShop預訂免加一及茗茶】#中環國金軒 二人餐
中環國金軒推出兩款 #超值 三道菜二人套餐,包括滋潤燉湯、巧手海味及惹味糯米飯或鍋仔飯?
滋潤燉湯及#鮑魚二人餐 $856 兩位用
Abalone Set Meal for two, MENU and BOOK
滋潤燉湯及#花膠二人餐 $760 兩位用
Fish Maw Set Meal for two, MENU and BOOK
經Mira eShop預訂,更可以獲免茗茶及加一收費!
Seasonality of ingredients matters a lot in Cantonese Cuisine. As the weather is getting cooler, savour the two nourishing set menus at Cuisine Cuisine ifc in this fall and winter!
Service charge and tea charge will be waived upon pre-paid booking via Mira eShop, check out above links for menus and reservation !

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