【Dr. Kong氣墊運動鞋系列?】

Dr. Kong 健康鞋專門店@1月9日

【Dr. Kong氣墊運動鞋系列?】
2021開啟舒適步行新體驗✨ ~ Dr. Kong時尚及功能性兼備氣墊系列登場! ??
?Check & Fit驗腳配墊:透過3D智能驗腳儀,根據報告配以適合你嘅鞋墊?,更貼合你嘅腳形。長時間行走都唔怕攰!??‍♀️
氣墊運動鞋,絕對係波鞋嘅時髦新走向。與鞋身相對應嘅漸變色,撞色更可以建立自己多樣嘅風格。?加埋Dr. Kong獨有嘅免費驗腳配墊服務,返工、行街、shopping都可以走得有型又輕鬆?
更多款式盡在門市!幼童、兒童、成人都可以舒適步行。宜家Dr. Kong門市正進行新年優惠?,全場低至3折起!滿$800減$100,滿$1200減$200!??快啲嚟Dr. Kong搵返對心動嘅氣墊鞋啦!??‍♀️??‍♂️?
【會員尊享】買任何鞋類/書包 或 用200積分,即可+$59換購幼兒背囊一個(原價:$259-$299)
【Dr. Kong Air cushion shoes Series?】
Start a New comfortable walking experience in 2021✨~ Dr. Kong Functional and Stylish Air cushion series has launched!??
?” Check & Fit”: Recommend suitable insole for you through 3D Intelligent Foot Scanner. Walk comfortable with Dr. Kong insole that suit you~?☺️
?Air cushion sole: Strong cushioning performance able to reduce the impact between the ground and sole when running or jumping. It can also reduce pressure on knees and protect our joint. ???
?Unique heel cup design: Help stabilizing heel bone and keep it straight. ??
Air cushion shoes is definitely a fashionable new trend of sneakers! ?Different color combinations between shoes body and sole can build your own diverse styles. With Dr. Kong unique free profession foot assessment, wear comfortable and healthy anytime. ??‍??️?
More Kids and Adult’s models in store! ? We are now having New Year Sales? in store! ✅Up to 70% off for all shoes and school bag. ✅Enjoy money discount at the same time ($100 off for purchase $800 or above, $200 off for purchase $1200 or above) ? Come and find your favorite! ?‍♀️??
【Special Offer】 Universal Series shoes insole Discount price: $149
【Member exclusive】200 points + $19/$29/$39/$49 redeeming selected product
【Jan Member Exclusive】 Buying any shoes/schoolbag, or using 200 points +$59 for redeeming a Smart Kid Bag