【? #FinalCall: Lunar New Year Gourmet Delicacies #EarlyBirdOffer】


【? #FinalCall: Lunar New Year Gourmet Delicacies #EarlyBirdOffer】
Chinese New Year gourmet delicacies early bird is ending soon! Until 20 January 2021, order city’super, Dashijie, Shang Palace, Lei Garden, Treasure Lake Greenfood Kitchen or Sunny Hills gourmet delicacies to enjoy up to 10% off^.
Don’t miss this exciting offer, and share the blessings this Lunar New Year with your family and friends ?!
Must-try #pudding:
? Shang Palace Signature Pudding (Red Bean Pudding with 30-year Tangerine Peel)
The aroma of the precious 30-year mandarin peel matches perfectly with the sweetness of red beans. We recommend to serve this pudding sliced and lightly pan-friend on both sides until golden, which brings out the deep and mellow citrus flavours.
? Shang Palace Imperial Series Pudding (Turnip Pudding with Whole Abalone and Black Truffle)
An elevated classic, this delectable pudding is created with fragrant black truffle and South African eight-head abalone.
? city’super Hokkaido Scallop Radish Cake (Japanese Radish)
Crafted with sweet and refreshing Japanese radish, high-quality Hokkaido scallops, sakura shrimp from Suruga Bay, mushrooms from Oita prefecture and Chinese sausage with the perfect balance of meat and fat. An utterly delicious festive treat.
? city’super Red Date New Year Cake with Okinawa Brown Sugar
Whole red dates are grounded into paste and combined with Okinawa brown sugar and purple glutinous rice. Unique aromatic with an exquisite texture.
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^Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to the online ordering page for details.
【city’super Lunar New Year 2021】⬇️⠀
5 (Tue) Jan – 22 (Mon) Feb 2021⠀
@ Times Square, Harbour City, ifc mall and New Town Plaza stores
21 (Thur) Jan – 17 (Wed) Feb 2021
@ Lab Concept Store
21 (Thur) Jan – 22 (Mon) Feb 2021
@ Times Square Atrium ⠀
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