【Don Don Donki 迷注意!!! 用 Citi Mastercard®️ 信用卡尋寶賺優惠! 】


【Don Don Donki 迷注意!!! 用 Citi Mastercard®️ 信用卡尋寶賺優惠! 】
唔可以親身去日本,咁就喺香港去一轉 Don Don Don Don~ki 瘋狂掃貨啦!
即日起至2月28日只要用 Citi Mastercard®️ 信用卡喺 DON DON DONKI Hong Kong 單一消費簽賬滿 HK$500 或以上,就可以減 HK$60。另外,用感應式支付俾錢,仲可以得到 5倍積分!咁筍嘅優惠,把握機會日日大買特買啦!
[Attention to All Don Don Donki fans !!! Treasure Hunt for Rewards with Citi MasterCard!]
Longing for a slice of Japan? Pay a visit to Don Don Donki to find all the trending products to meet all your shopping desires!
From now until 28th February, Citi Mastercard cardholders can get $60 instant discount with spending of HK$500 or more. Also, use contactless payment to receive 5x reward points ! Don’t miss out!
Terms and conditions applied; applicable only from Monday to Friday. Details available on the official webpage. citibank.hk/donki
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