【Homecation 想完美放鬆?由床褥做起!】


【Homecation 想完美放鬆?由床褥做起!】
Homecation 要有一個完美放鬆體驗?秘訣盡在 TEMPUR 床褥!TEMPUR 多款床褥系列各具特色,但全部目標一致,就係要讓用家身體都可以徹底放鬆,而佢哋嘅放鬆功效更獲得美國太空總署力證^!而家床褥仲有限時優惠,即刻睇吓每款系列有乜特色啦!
?Original 系列 - 舒適承托 (熱門推介!)
?Sensation 系列 - 靈活承托
揉合 TEMPUR 專利物料與仿如傳統彈簧床褥嘅高靈活承托墊層,舒適承托任何睡姿,每個轉身都輕鬆自在!
?Firm 系列 - 硬身承托 (最新硬床系列!)
?Cloud 系列 - 柔軟承托
採用 TEMPUR 專利物料,加上高柔軟物料層,帶嚟極致輕柔承托,晚晚喺柔軟觸感下入睡!
選擇太多唔知點揀?要搵到張啱身嘅床褥最緊要親身試瞓!立即前往 TEMPUR 專門店,諮詢我哋嘅專業睡眠顧問喇!
TEMPUR 專門店地址:bit.ly/3idbP3u
^TEMPUR 床褥及枕具獨有美國太空總署 NASA 認可,並獲美國太空基金會(US Space Foundation)許可使用技術認證印章
【Perfect relaxation for your Homecation? Start with the right mattress!】
Want the perfect relaxing experience for your Homecation? The secret lies in our TEMPUR mattress! TEMPUR's various mattresses have their own characteristics, but all have the same goal. Which is to help your body completely relax, with its relaxing effect proven by NASA^! With a limited time offer right now, it's time to take a quick look at what features each series has!
?Original Series - Medium Support (Recommended!)
Reduces pressure points that lead to tossing and turning, reduces unwanted motion and provides a supportive feel.
Relaxation level: SPA
?Sensation Series - Dynamic Support
An innovative mattress that combines the easy movement of a traditional mattress with TEMPUR® support. A profiled base layer ensures support while a layer of TEMPUR® high mobility materials guarantees ease of movement.
Relaxation level: Yoga
?Firm Series - Firmest Feel (The latest firm mattress series!)
Enjoy a real comfortable firm mattress. With additional advanced TEMPUR® Support Material and Extra Support Material, offers a long-lasting uncompromised back care support and supreme comfort. It offers spinal support and is guaranteed to give you ultimate pressure point relief.
Relaxation level: Massage
?Cloud Series - Softer Feel
Featuring a top layer of TEMPUR® Extra Soft™ Material, the TEMPUR® Cloud Mattress Collection instantly cushions you for an enveloping feeling, but still with all the supportive benefits of a TEMPUR®.
Relaxation level: Lying on a cloud.
Spoilt for choice, and not sure which one to choose? The most important step to finding the perfect mattress is to try it yourself! Head over to our TEMPUR Gallery right now and seek advice from our professional sleep consultants!
TEMPUR store address: bit.ly/3idbP3u
^TEMPUR mattress and pillows are the ONLY mattress and pillow recognized by NASA and certified by The Space Foundation

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