【Layer and Win the Fortune Poon Choi】


【Layer and Win the Fortune Poon Choi】
Poon Choi is a must-have for family gatherings during Chinese New Year. At Yum Cha, our Poon Choi is lovingly made with than 18 top-quality ingredients including South African abalone, Japanese sea cucumber, fish maw, conpoy and prawns to deliver auspicious meanings of unity and prosperity to you and your family.
The best Poon Choi comes down to layering – it sets up flavors to meld together and lifts the taste of the whole dish. Watch the video and find out how we layer out Fortune Poon Choi. List the six ingredients in the correct order in the comments below and you will have a chance to win a Fortune Poon Choi, valued at MOP688.
There are just three steps to go into the draw to win!
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Step3️⃣: List the six ingredients in the correct layering sequence and tag two friends in the comment
Complete the above steps by February 10, 2021 and three selected winners with correct answer will be announced on February 11, 2021. We also welcome you to visit Yum Cha and try out our delicious Poon Choi or take home to share with your family during Chinese New Year.
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