【2+2 café海鮮自助晚餐.限時優惠】


【2+2 café海鮮自助晚餐.限時優惠】
海鮮迷必吃!2+2 café自助晚餐精心炮製一系列鮮味無窮的特色美食,讓您盡嚐無限量供應的即開生蠔、冰鎮海鮮及多款美饌佳餚,讓您細味與別不同的滋味。由即日起至3月7日惠顧,更可享限時優惠。
【2+2 café Seafood Dinner Buffet.Special Offers】
Seafood lovers assemble! 2+2 café dinner buffet features a generous supply of freshly shucked oysters, iced seafood and more delightful gourmets, brining you a gratifying dining experience. Enjoy the bountiful delicacies at special prices from now to 7 Mar. ...
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