【LenovoPRO✔商務購物平台】會員專享360 ThinkPad PROs 星級商務禮遇! / 【Lenovo Tab P11 Pro】新年必買首選👍🏻 / 【ThinkCentre M70s】Lenovo商業客戶專屬優惠


【LenovoPRO✔商務購物平台】會員專享360 ThinkPad PROs 星級商務禮遇!
想公司抓緊機遇🧐,今年第一季就搶佔市場先機👍?專業全面嘅IT配置同支援,就係您最強推進器🔥!Lenovo馬上幫你,依家會員購買指定ThinkPad Intel 型號,即享360星級商務禮遇🌟!優惠期內購物滿指定金額更送高達 $700 禮券。2月25日落單最快聽日送貨,運費全免,仲唔立即行動!
LenovoPRO 商務會員申請(適用於任何中小企):立即登記可享高達$1,000迎新折扣及流動電源(價值$199)。首次購物再送最多總值$1,599禮品! lnv.gy/3upuX42...
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【Lenovo Tab P11 Pro】新年必買首選👍🏻
呢個新年逗埋唔少利是錢🧧 ,當然要諗下點樣用先係最精打細算啦!
💁🏻‍♀‍介紹返!Lenovo Tab P11 Pro絕對係大家購物wish list裡面嘅top one啊!
➡️配備Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 730G 8核心處理器嘅Android平板電腦,效能卓越!
➡️螢幕有6.9毫米超窄邊框設計,仲支援Dolby Vision™,用嚟睇戲就夠哂逼真震撼! 🤩
➡️配合Lenovo Precision Pen觸控筆,靈敏度高達4096級,仲有100小時續航力,用嚟jot note 📝定創作畫嘢都一樣咁爽!
留意返❗而家購買Lenovo Tab P11 Pro仲即🎁送OTO Vibe+ 無線手提按摩棒*(價值HK$1,600),仲可以享用組合優惠價HK$888買到二合一鍵盤、Lenovo Precision Pen 2及保護套添啊😍 !優惠期延長至2021年3月14日啦,仲唔立即行動?
【Lenovo Tab P11 Pro】New Year Must-Buys👍🏻
How are you going to efficiently spend your Red Pocket money this year? 🧧 To do that, you must have a plan!
💁🏻‍♀‍Introducing the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro! It is definitely the top on everyone's wish list!
➡️Android tablet with Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 730G 8-core processor, excellent performance!
➡️The screen has a 6.9mm ultra-narrow bezel design and it supports Dolby Vision™, giving you vivid colors perfect for watching shows! 🤩
➡️The Lenovo Precision Pen stylus has a high sensitivity of 4096 levels. With over 100 hours of battery life, you can easily jot notes or draw whenever you want! 📝
Buy the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro to receive a FREE 🎁 OTO Vibe+* (worth HK$1,600), and enjoy the combo discount price of HK$888 for a 2-in-1 keyboard, Lenovo Precision Pen 2 and a protective cover 😍! The promotion period has been extended to 14 March, 2021. What are you waiting for?
*Limited quantity while stocks last.
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【ThinkCentre M70s】Lenovo商業客戶專屬優惠
ThinkCentre M70s體積細小,靈活性高,可融入辦公室唔同部門。搭載企業級嘅性能,無論係做proposal、處理大量數據定係Multi-tasking都能夠輕鬆應付,為你執行一切任務,生產力瞬間提升!
商業客戶現以限時優惠價HK$4,488訂購指定型號Lenovo ThinkCentre M70s,即可以特惠價HK$898加購ThinkVision E22-20顯示器。
優惠期由即日起至2021年3月31日,先到先得,即刻去 lnv.gy/3dnYm8N 登記啦!
你亦可電郵到 hk_comm@lenovo.com 或致電商務客戶熱線+852 2516-3902 / +852 2516-3905查詢詳情!
【ThinkCentre M70s】Exclusive Offers for SMEs
ThinkCentre M70s is small in size and extremely flexible, making it easy to deploy in different departments. It offers amazing performance for enterprises! Whether you’re writing up a proposal, using it for data analysis or multi-tasking, it can boost your productivity and equip you with all you need for business!
SME customers can enjoy the limited-time offer of HK$4,498 for the selected ThinkCentre M70s. Additionally, you can add on a ThinkVision E22-20 monitor for only HK$898.
This promotion is valid till 31 Mar 2021 on a first-come-first-served basis. Register now lnv.gy/3dnYm8N !
For any questions, please send an email to hk_comm@lenovo.com or dial our SMEs customers hotline +852 2516-3902 / +852 2516-3905!
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