【Louis Yan現身喺海洋公園?🤩 捉緊機會睇快閃魔術!】 / 【「光影都會」- 夜間匯演3月及4月壓軸上演!🤩】

海洋公園 Ocean Park@3月4日

【Louis Yan現身喺海洋公園?🤩 捉緊機會睇快閃魔術!】
而家嚟公園玩,仲有機會睇到大師級魔術表演?你哋冇睇錯呀!香港著名魔術師Louis Yan 即將會嚟公園,進行期間限定嘅快閃魔術表演!🥳
今次Louis 會準備咗唔同嘅驚喜魔術畀大家,想知會係咩?快啲約埋朋友仔一齊嚟公園,現場體驗吓魔術大師帶嚟嘅精彩表演啦!➡️ bit.ly/3proRwr
「Louis Yan 奇幻魔術」快閃表演
[Louis Yan is coming! - Flash Mob Magic Show at Ocean Park!]
What? The master magician is going to perform at the park? That's right! Louis Yan, the renowned magician in Hong Kong, will be hosting flash mob magic shows exclusively at the park this month!
Louis has prepared some astonishing magic tricks for you. Do you want to know what they are? Come and watch the live performance together with your friends and experience this magical moment at the park! Reserve now ➡️ bit.ly/3av4xWT
“Louis Yan Magic Wonders” Performance
Venue: Old Hong Kong
Date: 6-7,13-14 Mar 21
Time: 11:15am, 12:30pm, 14:00pm, 15:45pm, 17:30pm
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【「光影都會」- 夜間匯演3月及4月壓軸上演!🤩】
日頭嚟到海洋公園玩得咁開心,夜晚睇埋精彩嘅壓軸表演,咁就更加盡興啦!記得喺以下日子留到夜晚,睇埋期間限定嘅多媒體噴泉投影表演——「光影都會」啦!👀 表演以香港為主題,用色彩繽紛嘅幻彩燈光,帶大家遊歷一場穿梭香港各區嘅光影之旅!喺「光影都會」嘅演出入面,會見到好多香港嘅⼤自然迷人景致、地標性建築及多元文化! 😍😍😍 仲會有激光同噴火🔥 等特殊效果,為大家帶嚟多重感官嘅享受,✨ 小編真係諗起都興奮呀!大家千祈唔好錯過呀!
日期:2021年3月及4月 (逢周六、日及公眾假期)
快啲約埋親戚朋友,一齊預約門票親身睇表演啦!➡️ bit.ly/3proRwr
[Spend a magical evening at the Park with “Visions of Hong Kong” this March & April]
Want to experience an extraordinary Ocean Park? Stay for the dazzling multimedia fountain light show - “Visions of Hong Kong” on below date! 👀 The Park will bring you the unique night-time experience by lights and fountain dances! ✨ Travel through dreamy, impressionist landscapes that feature the iconic city’s lush natural beauty, architectural wonders and multi-cultural diversity! With surprising special effects like lasers and flaming jets 🔥, the show will definitely take you on an inspirational journey that travels through various districts of Hong Kong. Don’t miss it!
Details of multimedia light show “Visions of Hong Kong”:
Date: Every Saturday, Sunday and public holiday in March and April 2021
Show Time: 07:15 pm
Venue: Aqua City Lagoon
Come and watch the show with your friends and family! Make reservation to visit the park now ➡️ bit.ly/3av4xWT
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