【Surprise!🤩 Louis Yan 快閃奇幻魔術表演開始啦!】 / 【「Chill 級保育」綠海龜 — 得獎作品】

海洋公園 Ocean Park@3月6日

【Surprise!🤩 Louis Yan 快閃奇幻魔術表演開始啦!】
點解魔術師Louis Yan 會出現喺香港老大街嘅🙀? 原來Louis 嚟緊3月6至7日、13至14日都會喺海洋公園表演期間限定嘅快閃魔術,帶驚喜畀你哋咁多位呀!💫
Louis 今次會為大家帶嚟驚喜嘅魔術,仲會邀請現場嘅遊客一齊參與,大家有機會可以同大師做現場互動,真係聽到都超期待呀😍😍😍~有機會睇到大師級魔術師表演,大家又點可以錯過呢?
Mark 實以下時間,到時香港老大街見啦!
「Louis Yan 奇幻魔術」快閃表演
[The Flash Mob Magic Show by Louis Yan kicks off at Ocean Park]
What’s Louis doing in Old Hong Kong? The renowned Hong Kong magician Louis Yan is going to host flash mob magic shows exclusively at the park on 6-7, 13-14 Mar 21.
Louis is going to perform distinctive magic tricks and will invite the audience to join. You’ll get a chance to interact with the master magician. Are you excited about it? Don’t miss it!
Mark your calendar and see you all at Old Hong Kong!
“Louis Yan Magic Wonders” Performance
Date: 6-7,13-14 Mar 21
Time: 11:15am, 12:30pm, 14:00pm, 15:45pm, 17:30pm
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【「Chill 級保育」綠海龜 — 得獎作品】
又係時間再同大家分享「Chill 級保育市場推廣大賽2021」嘅得獎作品啦!每位參賽者嘅作品都好出色,今次仲誕生咗雙冠軍!恭喜晒隊伍「海洋任務006」同「Chill自然」呀!
今次先同大家介紹 「Chill自然」嘅作品,佢哋用咗經典嘅電影場景,帶出綠海龜面臨嘅危機!到底邊隻膠要分解「一萬年」咁耐?即刻睇吓先!
[The Winning Work of "Conservation Chill Club" Contest - Green Sea Turtles]
Today, let's take a look at another winning work of "The Ocean Park Conservation Chill Club Marketing Contest 2021". Congratulations to the team of "Ocean Mission 006" and "Chill Natural"! In fact, the works of all teams are marvelous!
Let us share the winning work of "Chill Natural" team first! They have used the local classic movie scenes to bring out the crisis faced by Green Sea Turtles! What type of plastic product need "ten thousand years" to decompose? Check it out below!
🤔 究竟邊隻膠分解「一萬年」?
A. 飲管 | B. 膠袋 | C. 發泡膠盒 | D. 膠樽
[Confession to Green Sea Turtles!? 😳]“The ocean used to be clean. However, I didn’t cherish it and now I am regretting. I guess it must be the saddest story in the world. If I have another chance, I promise that I won't use plastic anymore. Wonder how long it takes for plastics to decompose? I guess it should be ten thousand years.”
🤔 Which type of plastic product needs ten thousand years to decompose?
A. Straw | B. Plastic bag | C. Polystyrene food containers | D. Plastic bottles
Green Sea Turtles often accidentally ingest plastic bags as the shape of plastic bags looks like jellyfishes, which are their food. Most people knew about this already. However, another reason why Green Sea Turtles ingest plastic bags is that microorganisms and algae would attach onto these bags, releasing smells that trick the turtles into thinking that these bags are food. Different kinds of plastic trash fool the Green Sea Turtles in different ways. With plastic being decomposed slowly, the ocean is becoming the next landfill and Green Sea Turtles are more likely to ingest more and more plastic🤮. Recently, we are in favour of takeaway food. To protect Green Sea Turtles from being a “plastic foodie”, we have to do something. For example, say no to straw, bring your own shopping bag, water bottle and food containers😎. These small acts will prevent the death of Green Sea Turtles.
勝出隊伍及作品來源 Winning Team and Credit:
「Chill自然」 : SHIRLEYYO, Rainbow Leung, Christy Wong, Natasha Chik, Anson Wong, Kelly Kwok
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