【Legion Y25-25】極緻畫面.電競制霸! 打機有專業靚mon,瞬間感官擴張! 玩黑夜潛行,場景更迫真!開大技火拼,又夠哂震撼!


【Legion Y25-25】極緻畫面.電競制霸! 打機有專業靚mon,瞬間感官擴張! 玩黑夜潛行,場景更迫真!開大技火拼,又夠哂震撼! Legion Y25-25電競顯示器,配備24.5吋IPS面板,仲有240Hz更新頻率及1毫秒回應,畫面超級流暢!連子彈、激光、賽車等高速物件都清晰鮮明,投入感大升,自然愈戰愈強啦!仲等?即刻入game啦! 了解更多:https://lnv.gy/3rFp80x Lenovo… 更多 HK開咗 Instagram啦,立即Follow了解更多最新資訊啦! https://www.instagram.com/lenovo_hk/ 【Legion Y25-25】Stunning Visual for Gaming! A good monitor can heighten your senses when you’re gaming and delivers more realistic visuals when you’re sneaking or fighting! The Legion Y25-25 gaming monitor is equipped with a 24.5-inch IPS panel with a 240 Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time that gives you smoother graphics! You even can see the a flying bullet, lasers and a speeding car clearly! Jump into the gaming world and join the battle now! Learn more: https://lnv.gy/3cpTBcx Follow our newly launched Lenovo HK Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/lenovo_hk/ #LenovoHK #SmarterTechnologyForAll #LegionY25 #電競螢幕 #打機最爽 #monitor #靚畫靚聲

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