【👀限定2日嘅「CAR年華」,你3月27日嚟咗未?😎】 / 【公園同大家一齊熄燈一小時🌍!】 / 【全城招募!海洋公園水上樂園專業團隊】 / 【畀個beat我!威威與好友「Chill 級保育隊」嘅全新主題曲面世啦🎶🎤】

海洋公園 Ocean Park@3月27日

咁多架車之中,最矚目嗰架一定係1934年出產嘅 勞斯萊斯 Phantom II !佢出廠咗80幾年都仲可以如常操作,真正見證咗歷史呀👏!不過小編我就最欣賞海洋奇觀入口出面嘅 Volkswagen XL1啦,佢外型靚到好似一件藝術品咁,而且佢仲係為咗挑戰成為全球最低耗油量為目標而設計嘅房車添!
💯好多車迷3月27日都叫咗一家大細、三五知己👨‍👨‍👧‍👦一齊入嚟欣賞咁多架靚車同打卡!唔知你哋又最鍾意邊架車呢?留言話我哋知啦!仲有,打咗卡嘅朋友記得Tag 返我哋Facebook 專頁啦!
[For 2 days ONLY! Are you ready for the Park’s “CARnival” today?]
For those who visit the park today, you must have seen these amazing vintage vehicles at the park! 🤩 Are you thrilled to see them?
Among all the vehicles displayed, the most eye-catching one must be the “1934 Rolls Royce Phantom II”! It still functions normally after more than 80 years of production👏! Another car that must be highlighted is the stylish “Volkswagen XL1” outside The Grand Aquarium. It is a work of art known for its fuel efficient design.
💯 Many car lovers have come to the Park with their families and friends today👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 ! Which vintage car do you like the most? Leave a comment to let us know! Also, remember to tag our Facebook page if you have captured some great moments at the park!
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[Let’s turn off the lights for an hour together! 🌍 ]
This year’s “Earth Hour” will be held on 27 March 21 (Saturday) with the theme of “Let Oceans Shine!”, hoping that we could appreciate the beauty and intrinsic value of our marine environment. To show the support for this meaningful event, all unnecessary lighting of the Park will be switched off from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. this Saturday . We sincerely invite all of you to join “Earth Hour” together! Let’s switch off all the non-essential lighting at 8:30pm tomorrow!
🌟Protecting the oceans helps save marine life. However, reducing energy consumption for one day is not enough! Let’s take little steps in our daily life instead! For example, reducing the use of electrical appliances and trying to use more energy-efficient appliances!
#hkoceanpark #EarthHour #WWF #海洋公園 #地球一小時 #世界自然基金會

海洋公園水上樂園即將招聘近400 個職位,由水上安全見習員、餐飲款待員、售貨員,到專業救護員同保安員,我哋都歡迎擁有熱情同夢想嘅你加入。
即刻到 Ocean Park Career Facebook 專頁,或者到以下嘅招聘活動,了解詳情啦!
了解更多 : bit.ly/3sp6D10
[Come Join Us Now! The Water World Ocean Park Professional Crew]
Ever wondered if it’s too much to ask for a job with a sea view plus on-the-job training and a group of energetic and motivated teammates? Your dream job is right here at Ocean Park Water World!
Water World Ocean Park is about to employ around 400 staff members – from aquatic operations, guest services, general services, first-aid to security. Perfect or those who wants to turn their passions into a career.
What’s more, we offer best-in-class trainings. Even if you do not possess any professional qualifications, we are here to provide you with comprehensive coaching that helps you get globally recognized qualifications essential for you to move on along a bright career path!
Sounds attractive? If you are motivated, responsible and keen to take on challenges, join us now at Water World Ocean Park to carry out a whole bunch of passionate missions! To build the best and dynamic workplace together!
Come visit us Ocean Park Career Facebook page to find out more about the job! You can also come to our walk-in interviews on below dates!
Dates: 31 Mar - 1 Apr 2021; 7-9, 12-16, 19-23, 26-30 Apr 2021
Time: 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Venue: Human Resources Department, Ocean Park
To know more: bit.ly/2NUauUK
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【畀個beat我!威威與好友「Chill 級保育隊」嘅全新主題曲面世啦🎶🎤】
樂壇呢排好多新天王天后!咁香港本地嘅三大動物天王你哋又見過未?威威與好友「Chill 級保育隊」同三本地動物——綠海龜、鹿角珊瑚同埋金裳鳳蝶有首全新嘅主題曲呀!🎵 旋律好聽之餘又易唱出日常保育小貼士 🤓 快啲去片聽吓啦!
海洋公園一直都有舉辦相關嘅活動去保育呢三種珍貴嘅本地動物。其實我哋每個人都可以行多一步,喺日常生活中「Go Green」,例如用少啲膠飲管同化學防曬,仲有去郊外嘅時候帶走垃圾,不留下痕跡。希望大家同小朋友聽呢首「Chill 級保育隊」主題曲嘅同時,都會養成良好嘅生活習慣,為保護環境出一分力!
[Give me the beat! The “Whiskers & Friends Conservation Team” new theme song is coming to town!]
Most of you may have heard of the new Heavenly Kings and Queens in Cantopop, but do you know what the Three “Heavenly Kings” of local animals are? There is a new theme song composed for “Whiskers & Friends Conservation Team” and the three iconic local animals, including the Green Sea Turtle, Acropora Corals and Golden Birdwing. 🎵 This catchy song will surely remind you of conservation tips. 🤓 Let’s enjoy the song!
The Park has been working and launched a series of conservation activities to protect these three kinds of precious local animals. Everyone of us got to make little steps to protect nature! Let’s “go green” in our daily life. Avoid using drinking straws and sunscreen. “Leave no trace” on your visits to nature!
#hkoceanpark #OceanParkConservationChillClub #WhiskersandFriends #GreenSeaTurtle #NoStraw #AcroporaCorals #LessSunscreen #GoldenBirdwing #LeaveNoTrace #GoGreen #OPlocalbiodiversity #海洋公園 #海洋公園Chill級保育 #威威與好友 #Chill級保育隊 #綠海龜 #走飲管 #鹿角珊瑚 #減用防曬乳液 #金裳鳳蝶 #山野無痕