M&S內衣褲系列提供全天候完美承托👙,現在更破天荒推出 #新抵價 ,內褲低至每條$26*起!當中背心款式採用了先進StayNew™技術,令衣物更耐穿;而Lycra®內褲則讓您盡享棉布料的極緻親膚質感。💯 / 深受大小朋友愛戴的《哈利波特》系列迎來多款全新款式🧙‍♀️,更帶來無法抵擋的 #新抵價 ,只售$149起!👋繡上霍格華茲徽章的牛仔褸、 四大學院T裇,還有其他新品,正等待為您的孩子施展魔法,化身成時尚的小女巫和小巫師。✨

Marks & Spencer@4月6日

M&S內衣褲系列提供全天候完美承托👙,現在更破天荒推出 #新抵價 ,內褲低至每條$26*起!當中背心款式採用了先進StayNew™技術,令衣物更耐穿;而Lycra®內褲則讓您盡享棉布料的極緻親膚質感。💯
Feel your best throughout the day with comfortable lingerie that provides the right support. 👙 This time, it comes with #NEWPRICES from $26* per knickers and the same exquisite quality. Featuring StayNew™ Technology to ensure your vests stay new for longer, and cotton-rich Lycra® knickers for all day comfort. 💯
👉🏻Shop in-stores or online at bit.ly/MNSSPNP now.
*$26 per knickers in a set of 5 knickers, retailing at $129 per pack.

深受大小朋友愛戴的《哈利波特》系列迎來多款全新款式🧙‍♀️,更帶來無法抵擋的 #新抵價 ,只售$149起!👋繡上霍格華茲徽章的牛仔褸、 四大學院T裇,還有其他新品,正等待為您的孩子施展魔法,化身成時尚的小女巫和小巫師。✨
Loved our Harry Potter collection? 🧙‍♀️ Say hello to #NEWPRICES from $149 and new styles! 👋 You and your little witches and wizards will love these new arrivals from our latest Harry Potter range. From comfy House T-shirts to denim embroidered with Hogwarts crest, this collection will add a dash of magic to their wardrobe. ✨...
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